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About Plush Puppy

Plush Puppy is an internationally respected grooming product company.
Plush Puppy has been selling grooming products for serious show dog owners f
or many years. If you are like most show dog owners you will constantly be facing the need to stay ahead of the competition, and in turn have a desire to keep your dogs coat in premium condition. Plush Puppy has a diverse range of grooming products that are specially formulated to give your show dog that winning edge.

All the products have been designed from secret formulas created by Jon and Cheryl Le Court who, are world renowned for their hairdressing expertise and for many, many years have been producing professional salon hair products for the world.

Our product range is continually growing and we only use and recommend products that we know will give you the desired results.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you and your dog achieve that winning edge.

Plush Puppy New Zealand

Keith Brown and Robbie Gray of Parkavon Imports became the New Zealand importers of Plush Puppy in mid 2009.  With almost a lifetime of experience in the dog show arena, with Keith being an International All Breeds Judge and respected breeder they bring an enourmous amount of hands on experience when promoting the benefits of Plush Puppy products.

Having recently sold their Kennel operation to concentrate on showing,
judging and grooming, Keith or Robbie are very happy to help you make the most of your dogs attributes - and can speak first hand of their experience and confidence in the products, with knowledge built upon their own use and the results it has derived.

If you have any questions regarding Plush Puppy products,  please do not hesitate to contact them.

Their venture into the dog showring began over 20 years ago, and they saw the need for specialised dog coat care products, to bring out the winning edge. These products are used on their own top winning Siberian Huskies. Many of the top show dogs around the world are prepared and presented in Plush Puppy products - the list of top groomers/exhibitors and handlers just keeps on growing, and the wins just keep on coming.

If you haven't yet tried our range of products, we are sure that you will find something here on our site. We have products to protect and enhance your dogs coats and we are always available if are looking for assistance for how to use a product, or how to address a specific coat problem.

If you are already a user of our products, we thank you for your continued support and know that you will be achieving top results with your coats.

Keith and Robbie also established Parkavon Kennels in Christchurch during which they exhibit Top Winning Peke's, American Cockers, and have had involvement in many breeds including English Cocker Spaniels, Sussex Spaniels, Schauzers winning at all levels.  Their kennel name is renown the world over for multi Best in Show (BIS) winning dogs - and BIS winning dogs are prepared using the best products available to keep that winning edge – Plush Puppy.

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