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There are times you need to soften and flatten a coat and times where you just need to rehydrate and moisturise a coat without softening and flattening. The situations and requirements are endless as each breed is individual. We have formulated various conditioning and moisturising products that will cater to every breed.

For a draping coat we suggest you try our Silk Potein Cnditioner for it’s anti tangle properties etc and yet for a harsh coated breed or double coated breed you would choose Seabreeze Oil in your final rinse as it gives shine and hydration without flattening and softening.

All the conditioners & treatments are formulated from as naturally sourced ingredients as possible. Seabreeze Oil for instance is all naturally sourced from Evening Primrose Oil, Calendula Oil etc.

We recommend dilution of Silk Protein Conditioner, Coat Rescue and Salon Formula Conditioner for ease of use and even dispersion throughout the coat and the Coat Rescue to at least a watery slurry. Dogs have mostly a lot of coat and dilution aids in the application and evenness of that application.

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