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  • Panthenol - Pro Vitamin B5 to add moisture and to aid healing.
  • Blue Cypress Extract - Native extract for anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • SugaNate - A sulfate free base with extremely low irritation to eyes and skin.

This product is very concentrated and is dispensed as a foam that is easy to control and apply.

Let's Face It

  • It has special natural ingredients to ‘clean and sooth’ folds and creases of a dogs face and the Blue Cypress Extracts are particularly effective on Brachycephalic face types where wrinkle can get infected or sore.


    • A new hypoallergenic sulfate free low foaming shampoo just for dogs faces
    • No tears formula - does not sting dogs’ eyes
    • No Fragrance to annoy the sensitive nose of dogs
    • Foam consistency for easy control application
    • 150ml pump action bottle


    Directions: Pump golf ball size amount into wet hands, apply to dogs' face, lather & rinse.

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