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Plush Puppy’s Professional Grooming Combs are designed by professional internationally renowned show dog groomers, for groomers.

Built for absolute comfort, the oval shaped spine fits comfortably in the hand for ease of use without causing fatigue on the hand, wrist or arm. Each lightweight comb features excellent balance heightening the ergonomic experience during use. Each comb features an anodic oxide finish on the spine and pins that reduces drag and static to the coat.
Our Professional Grooming Combs feature fine and coarse pins made of hardened stainless steel so will not bend and easily glide through the thickest of coats. The fine pins are perfect to comb softer coat around sensitive areas such as ears, around the eyes and down the legs. The coarse pins are perfect for full body combing

Professional Grooming Combs

  • Available in three variations

    1. 11.8" Long Comb consisting of 50% fine 35mm rounded Pins and 50% Course Rounded pins
    2. 7.5" Steel Comb consisting of 50% Fine 30mm rounded Pins and 50% Course rounded pins
    3. 7.5" Steel Comb consisting of 20% Fine 30mm rounded pins and 80%Course rounded end pins
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