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Recommended For: Innovative product particularly for flowing coated breeds e.g. Afghans, Maltese, American Cockers, Shih Tzu, Lhasas etc where the coat is expected to hang in a smooth, swinging, swishy action in motion and fall smoothly back into place on the stack. Good for long silky ear featherings. Excellent for temporarily straightening wavy coats.


Can be used to reduce volume, static electricity, flatten or make a coat appear more silky.

Swishy Coat

SKU: SY027
  • How to apply: Use according to breed requirements e.g. 1 tspn to 2 litres/half gallon of warm water for a Maltese, 1 tbspn to 1 cup warm water for an Afghan and dilute for all other breeds in between these two mixes. Apply and work well through the lengths and layers of the coat. Leave in and blow dry. Can be used in conjunction with Blow Dry Cream for very boofy coats to reduce volume and make as flat as possible.

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