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All Plush Puppy shampoos are formulated from naturally sourced ingredients. All are organic, environmentally friendly and have not been tested on laboratory animals.

We recommend you use all shampoos diluted at least 3:1 and up to 10:1 for general maintenance. For show baths, dilute approx 5:1 (i.e) 5 parts water to one part shampoo.

Plush Puppy shampoos are of the highest quality, extremely performant and cater for the discerning show person seeking a positive outcome for that point of difference. You can mix two shampoos together or use a different shampoo on different areas of the dog for the various required outcomes, e.g. All Purpose for shine, Body Building for extra lift and volume to the coat, Whitening Shampoo for toning unwanted warm tones and to achieve a pearly white tone on white areas or Deep Cleansing to brighten up a discoloured or greasy coat etc.

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