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A Natural Progression

Siberian Huskies may have been the breed of choice but there is something satisfying in appreciating a good example of any breed of dog. Understanding the function, breeding and development behind all breeds is fundamental to assessing the presentation of that particular animal in the show ring.

Beautifully groomed and maintained, a good dog will stand head and shoulders above the rest with a definable look of quality and showmanship. Let's never forget, it is a DOG SHOW. The dog must be good, but the quest is to ensure he is presented even better than the opposition and to constantly seek ways to improve.

Showing Siberian Huskies is an easy way to start in the ring as they are pretty much a wash and wear breed compared to the intricacies of coat care practised by many other breed owners. Nontheless, even the "tub 'em and towel 'em" breeds can benefit from extra knowledge and effort and a beautifully groomed coat on a Rottie can look just as sensational as a swinging coated Afghan.

Plush Puppy is a great new range of coat care designed especially for show dogs and the owner and handler seeking that definable extra exhancement to their presentation.

I may have started out with Siberians but I have "run my fingers" through a lot of breeds since. Perhaps it is just the hairdresser of 30 years experience in me or the 40 years of background in manufacturing haircare products starting as a child sticking labels onto my fathers products that directs my eye straight to a dogs coat and the inevitable questions of "what do you use" and "what to you want it to look like."Years of judging hairdressing competitions have also enhanced the critical eye to demand a "complete picture" and almost two decades of manufacturing environmentally safe products for people are the backbone of the formulations and choice of the Plush Puppy range. I believe it is not enough to just clean a coat. A great shampoo should do much more than that. Shampoos should be gentle to even the most sensitive skin, environmentally safe and wherever possible, naturally sourced. From the show persons perspective, they must do something for the coat that was not done before.

Plush Puppy shampoos are specific to coat type with enough concentration of additives to do the job. We even offer a Special Formula service for the dog who has lots of needs and will make an individual bottle of shampoo with all the extracts needed to address the problem. There are just some breeds out there that have allergies or dry skin or perhaps lack body in the coat. Whatever the problem, we'll try to help.Styling products are a tremendous assistance to getting that coat to perform on the day. Shine, texture, disentangling, body - you want a product that will get that coat looking a million dollars. Those last minute hassles that seem to abound ringside, can be solved. A good coat care routine using performant cleansing and styling products and then having on hand, the finishing grooming products for the last minute touches. We are particularly excited by our coat specific products for flowing coated breeds. They all need Swishy Coat! This is a new concept in styling products for these coats and one you will never want to be without.

Our advisory team consists not only of myself, but my husband Jon, a hairdresser of some thirty-five years of note.

Remember, our advice is free, so feel free to ask. We try to get to all the major shows so please make yourself known to us and tell us all about your dog. Happy Dog Showing!

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