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Nothing Worse Than an Itch

If there is any one thing that frustrates a dog owner more than anything, it is that wretched persistant scratching and itching of their dog. This manifests itself in all sorts of unpleasant situations from merely white scurfy residue, to nasty, weeping red raw skin. The frustration is enormous. I am not a skin specialist nor am I a vet but I am a hairdresser and I have seen this kind of thing for over 30 years and I do work with a fanatastic chemist for all our preparations.

There are many causes ranging from the genetic to the environmental. One can spend squillions trying to find the cause and still not get an answer. I am resolved to not getting answers but endeavouring to address the external symptoms and alleviating the worst of the aggravation. One would like to think there are easy solutions to finding cause, however, I seem to see much of it in certain breeds and often it is just a breed problem. Some breeds are certainly worse than others. I am a firm believer in doing things as gently and naturally as possible.

I always hated those coal tar based preparations for people and am not any more enamoured of them in dogs. This is just my opinion and probably based more on the evil smell of them than anything else and that they are not particularly good on the actual coat. Most skin disorders tend to be detected by a fine powdery white residue that appears like a fine flaky dandruff. The dog has been bathed but the white powder persists.

Firstly one has to ask if the shampoo has been properly rinsed from the coat and that it isn't just solid shampoo content we are seeing. To be on the safe side, always dilute shampoo at least 3 parts water to one part shampoo. Make sure it is throughly rinsed and removed. Having done that, then it is fairly certain there is an allergy of some sort whether it is from within or without, and that is debatable.

Seek help by all means from a professional person but there are things you can do to alleviate the symptoms if not solve them and get the dog looking good. I will make a Special Formula Shampoo plus a Conditioner if required that consist of a nice benign base and some great extracts that are shown to help suffering. I find that Lichen extract is of particular help to fungal conditions and Arnica to help weeping or red sore skin. There are a few other niceties I put in as well and you may or may not choose to have a fragrance. Sometimes it is the fragarance that can upset a dog though the ones we use tend to be fairly safe and do smell great. All Plush Puppy Shampoos and Conditioners are naturally sourced and are as kind as man can possibly make.

The regular range will not aggravate a dog's skin condition and the Special Formula will help sooth and heal. Plush Puppy will also release in the next few weeks an Itchy Skin shampoo based on my formula recipe. I know how horrible psoriasis and red raw skin conditions look. It takes forever if you can find a cure to get the dog's coat back in shape for a show. It's hard enough to find a good dog let alone have one and then discover there is a skin problem. Weepy, crusty, flaky, dandruffy, scurfy, broken skin, no coat etc all can be symptoms of allergies resulting in itchy skin. You've made sure there are no fleas, no residual shampoo solids, it's not a hot spot and you are at your wits end. I don't claim or profess to have the answers but I can help a little with a good gentle bit of assistance. All you need to do is email me or Plush Puppy and we will get a Special Formula Shampoo to you. Tell us what breed of dog and just how bad or slight the problem is. There are several vets now using and selling Plush Puppy as an alternative product to their clients. I have had incredibly good results from the Special Formula Shampoo and many loyal and happy customers. I hope I can help you.

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