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Oil on Troubled Waters

I often speak of tradition being the way we mostly learn to groom our dogs, having the techniques passed down from the breeder we purchased from originally and bits & pieces learned along the way from well meaning friends and other success stories. No matter how long we have been showing dogs, it always amazes me as to just how much there can still be to learn. I have been in hair so to speak, for 35 years and yet I love to learn new stuff. Perhaps it's because I am in a fashion industry I am open to suggestion and understand that new things happen each year and the old stuff is often passe.

So, when a pro handler overseas said to me, very off the cuff, that she used our Plush Puppy Seabreeze Oil for just about everything, my ears pricked up. Now, I had been using this stuff for yonks and thought I had explored it's every use, until she said that! Knowing she showed Standard Poodles, I had intro'd her some time ago to the delights of the oil and how light and non greasy it was etc so was not surprised that she loved it. However, this statement kind of made me sit up. I didn't have the opportunity at that time to question her and went on an exploratory mission myself.

Experimental animals at hand happen to be the home grown kids, the Siberians. Let's throw some of that stuff onto them! Being a double coated breed, I dislike using too much conditioner on them as I like that full, flamboyant look to the coat for the show ring and, as we all know, conditioner softens and flattens a coat.

The goal was to have shine, a real glimmer to the coat, moisture and coat protection. Bingo! It works like a treat. I had anticipated it would be used only as a between show event. However, it worked so wonderfully I used it also for the shows. I now use it on everything, except, a single coat. I have not yet I admit used it on a Peke or a Pom. Give me time and I will report back.

For any coat that needs glamour, such as a Doberman, Sheltie, Dachshund, Afghan, Malamute, Samoyed, Setter, Staffie etc, use at a mix of 1 dspn - 1 tbspn per 1 gallon/4litres of warm water. For those with a hydro-bath use directly into the tank. Depending upon your bathing set-up, either hydrobath it through as a final rinse, sponge it on or dunk the dog if small enough into a plastic container full of the mix. Don't towel rub, just squeeze out the excess and blow dry - even the Dobermans.

I am a stickler for blow drying with a cool turbo type dryer to remove dead hair and give an even finish. The result is a wonderfully shiny and healthy looking coat. Imagine the effect on a dark coated Rottweiler, a Min Pin, a Flat Coated Retriever, a Pug, an Akita, even my Siberians?

I have had dry, brittle, red coats that appear beyond redemption and bring them back within 3 treatments of the Plush Puppy Seabreeze Oil to a practically new looking coat.

The oil is an old Ayervedic recipe based on Evening Primrose Oil, Calendula Oil, finest grade Sesame Oil and other wonderful goodies. It calms, is restorative and gives an overall look of well being to the coat. Great on those frazzled, flippy ends.

The whites on the coats will glisten with an appearance of good health and the darker colours will shine like no tomorrows. And, the extra benefit is that it won't flatten the coat as a conditioner or regular acid based treament would.

You can use this same mix for an in between show protector to the coat. It won't attract dirt as many of the oils do. This is a totally radically different style of oil to anything you have used before. I love it!

You can also spray direct onto the coat if you wish if the coat is to endure harsh treatment such as some of the Border Collies that live on properties and undergo swimming therapy in the local dams! Good for muscle tone those country homes but sometimes wicked on the coats.

I have had many good results using this oil and many terrific reports from people with Afghans and the more butch, guard type dogs. I don't know whether I imagine it, but it appears to deter the ticks. We have awful problems with bush ticks here in East Brisbane from the many possums that inhabit the mango trees. I haven't had a tick on the show dogs since I started using Seabreeze Oil each week on their coats. I know the ticks are there as the 7 week old puppy had a massive fat tick on her ear but she was not being groomed with the oil. She is now. I would not use this as a preventive as I haven't road tested it long enough to ensure the veracity of this but it does appear to have some effect.

Please let me know how you use it and on what breeds as I value all your input. I do enjoy the dog show world - it is a constant source of interest, energy and unlimited learning.

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