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Smooth Coat no White?

The best shampoo for you dog is Plush Puppy Natural All Purpose with Henna. This gives you that great shine with the added henna. This is the shampoo to use when shine is required, and you want your dog still looking freshly washed after a few laps around the show ring. I would recommend that you use it 1 part shampoo to 5 parts water for maximum results. For those dogs with skin problems or hypoallergenic use Plush Puppy Sensitive Skin. This is a wonderful product filled with Lichen, Alpine Herbs and Arnica. Use initially at a ratio of 3 parts water to 1 part shampoo till skin feels better then use at greater dilutions up to 10:1. Don’t condition your short coated breed but Oil. After you have rinsed off the shampoo, use Plush Puppy Sea Breeze Oil as a final rinse. Apply at a ratio of 1 tbspn to 4 litres/1 gallon of warm water and hydrobath through the coat or sponge liberally onto the coat. LEAVE IN. DO NOT RINSE. Can also be applied without dilution for traditional coat oiling. Make sure you cover the entire dog and really get into the coat. This product rehydrates the coat and nourishes the skin. This product truly has “star” quality. Adds shine and condition and is a wonderful light alternative with longer lasting benefits than regular oiling. Really helps to make a coat feel healthy. Use as an alternative to a regular conditioner as it will not flatten the coat. It will soften nor change the texture of the coat. A Blended from essential plant oils for calming and healing qualities. An innovative organic formula where old meets new with wheat germ oil, calendula oil and evening primrose oil etc. Even short coated breeds can get damaged coat. If so use Plush Puppy Coat Rescue. After shampooing and rinsing apply either directly to coat by hand or through hydrobath. Leave for 3 minutes and rinse. Coat Rescue has been specifically formulated to help dry or damaged coats. Coat Rescue’s naturally blended essential oils and pure plant extracts help restore strength and elasticity to dehydrated and tired coat hair. With the Australia climate and many other climates around the world remember even your short coats can be sun damaged. Try Plush Puppy Sun Shade. Apply each morning, if needed. Just a light wipe over with your hand to spread over evenly for protection. Spray at least 2 - 3 times per week and every day if the dog is swimming in dams etc. Sunshade is also good for dogs that get sunburned skin. Just apply and wipe thoroughly around the areas that require protection. This wonderful spray on coat protector is enough to repel most of the sun’s potential for damage and keep the coat from frying. Sunshade is also good for dogs that get sunburned skin. Just apply and wipe thoroughly around the areas that require protection. This is a nice light product and not a heavy greasy affair. It is an intensive sun screen and moisturiser with a good protective factor. To remove just shampoo as usual - soluble in water. At shows for those quick clean ups use Plush Puppy Wonder Wash. Just a quick spray on the dirty area and this great product works its magic. Shake well and spray onto coat. Massage to a lather and towel dry against the growth of the coat. DO NOT RINSE. DO NOT DILUTE. A brilliant quick self rinsing solution for all ringside emergencies. Good for a quick spritz in conjunction with a "hot wet towel routine" when a regular shampooing is not an option e.g. towel main body of coat with a warm wet towel and use Wonder Wash on shorter stubborn areas. Not designed for use as an all over body shampoo. Designed to clean, whiten and brighten or add zing to coats of all colours without bleaching. Perfect to have in your tack box. For that last minute a quick spray with Plush Puppy Odour Muncher. Different from all the rest! This fabulous deodoriser literally muches the offending odours - others just mask. Smells divine. This freshens your dog to smell just wonderful for the judge. A sparingly sprinkle with Plush Puppy Pixie Dust for that added glamour. For shimmer only, can be used on any colour coat including black. Apply sparingly to a brush, tap lightly and brush through the topline or area to be highlighted. Work well into the coat and watch it catch the light. Can also be hand sifted onto the coat. Last but not lest Plush Puppy Shine N Comb. A brilliant spray coat finish and totally oil free. Wonderful for instant healthy looking shine. Recommended as a spray polish for all groomed coats. Makes toplines really shimmer. Even though your dog has a short coat unlike the glamour breeds you know you have done everything possible to make them look their very best.

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