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The Plush Puppy Label

Deciding just which breeds of dogs would feature on the Plush Puppy labels was probably the most dificult decision facing us when putting the range of Plush Puppy together. Of course as breeders of Siberians, a Siberian just had to be there and of course my sister has Pugs so one of those had to go on - but did it really matter? We have learned to be intrigued by all the wonderful breeds in the ring today and any good example of a breed is hard to go past. As hairdressers of a combined 65 years experience, we have also been manufacturing haircare products for around 15 years, sold exclusively through hairdressing salons. Running my fingers through all kinds of dog coats over the past years at the shows told me there was a need for some really great cleansing, styling and finishing products, just for dogs. Siberians are fairly wash and wear but those flowing coated breeds are quite a challenge and watching their handlers run around the ring with brushes shoved down their pants was a clear indicator that the coats needed a product like Swishy Coat. A little bit of this wonderful jelly type substance on a damp coat and then blow dried as normal, leaves those long flowing coats or feathers, swinging and swishing like a silk curtain. It softens and shines the coat to swing and fall back into place without the need for all that mad brushing in the ring. A great finishing product for last minute touches ringside, is Shine & Comb, a great glossing and disentangling spray for all coats requiring a lustered finish. Nice to use on those Setter featherings and the ends of the Maltese coat for example. This can also be sprayed on wet or dry coat. Babysitting a dear friend’s gorgeous Pekingese recently awakened me to the pleasures of wrapping and caring for a coat that isn’t washed for every show. What to do when the occasional mess happens and they piddle on their bellies? This was a challenge. Thus, thanks to this sweet little dog, Wonder Wash was designed, to spray onto those little disasters, foam up and then just towel off without rinsing. This terrific spray really does foam well and leaves the coats feeling wonderful. It also has a violet tone to neutralise unwanted yellowing. Not bad on those Siberians feet either after they’ve pigrooted every bit of turf after their piddles! Having always been a bit of an environmentalist with every allergy known to man, I consider anything as natural as possible has to be the go. All the shampoos and the conditioner are organically sourced and are very gentle to sensitive skins. I know of several breeds that have quite severe allergies to many products and Plush Puppy has not upset any of them. We will also make an individual formula for those dogs that just need everything in the one bottle. All extracts are naturally sourced and address specific problems - you just need to tell me what you want the coat and skin to do and what the problem is. The Herbal Whitening Shampoo with Ginseng is a ripper for killing unwanted yellowing in white coats and leaving them sparkling and bright. Last but by no means least, we didn’t forget the short coated and terrier breeds. You may not need to soften coats but you sure want to keep the moisture content up in those coats. Reviva Coat is a moisturing mousse that can be either sprayed directly onto the coat for severe problems or sprayed at the ratio of 1 part to 10 parts water from a spray bottle. Not bad either on those show exhibitors though I dare say, the pet owners will catch onto it too. We have had enormous fun putting it together from our many years of experience and the input of the great people around us. Happy Dog Showing!

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