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Stop Tear Staining Now!

As every show competitor knows, having a perfectly presented dog and coat is essential when in the ring. One of the most difficult areas to keep priestine is around the eyes and muzzle of your animal. Tear staining particularly on light and white coats is a constant problem. Plush Puppy has products to minimise this problem for competition. But the root cause is found in the bacteria which exists naturally in the dogs saliva and fluid from tear ducts. To eliminate this problem we recommend using Glow Groom. Glow Groom is the best product available on the market today, that will naturally eliminate unsightly tear stains by working from within. A totally natural product containing no fillers, antibiotics or other harmful ingredients Glow Groom deals with bacteria at source.
Glow Groom is an Australian product manufactured in the USA to the highest standards and approved for import by MPI New Zealand.

Amazing results in a few weeks!

Finally there is a tear stain remover that really works.

  • Your dog or cat can be 100% tear stain free when using Glow Groom.

  • Our powerful natural organic formula contains no wheat, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.

  • Very economical, with no need for extended use if used as directed.

  • Glow Groom Tear Stain Remover is suitable for all breeds of cats and dogs.

  • Supports healthy skin and coat. May also assist with bad breath and gives your little angels eyes of sprinkle of perfection!

  • Australian brand with a percentage of your purchase price supporting the Animal Welfare League of Queensland.

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