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Styling & Finishing

The commitment to absolute perfection in presentation is evident in the vast range of styling products in the Plush Puppy range allowing you to tweak your dog’s coat to fit that ideal silhouette.

Whether your dog’s coat is a harsh coated variety and you need something to harden up the texture after bathing or your dog has areas that need cover-up, flattening, lifting, bulking, straightening or just to make the brush glide through more readily, Plush Puppy has everything for your individual needs.

You can also check out the Grooming Articles for more specific information relating to your breed and how to use the various products to maximum effect for minimum effort!

The secret to any styling product, is always to look and appear as natural as possible. Follow directions or ask for further advice if needed. However most of the products are self explanatory and always bear in mind, that wherever possible, aspire to even dispersion throughout any coat to maximise the outcome.

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