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Derived from: Organic sources with extracts of henna, alpine herbs and lichen.

Recommended For: short coated breeds that specifically don’t want a softened coat e.g. Weimeraners, Bulldogs, Rottweilers and most Terriers. Suitable for all breeds where coat texture is to be retained e.g. Akitas, Siberians, Shelties etc.

This is the shampoo to use when shine is required, and you want your dog still looking freshly washed after a few laps around the show ring.

Natural All Purpose with Henna

  • An innovative spray on Shampoo featuring henna extracts that imparts gloss and shine. Perfect for breeds that require texture to be maintained. e.g Weimaraners, Bulldogs, Rottweilers and most Terriers.  

    • Excellent for normal to slightly dehydrated coats
    • Recommended for short coated breeds

    PROCEDURE: Wet coat  thoroughly. Spray on coat and work to lather. Rinse out.

    FORMULA: Derived from organic sources with extracts of henna, alpine and lichen combined in a formulation enabling it to be sprayed without compromising concentration and richness of ingredients.

  • Currently the 5 Litre Pack is out of stock. New Stock arriving late October

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