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Used by many of
the world's top groomers
Plush Puppy products will
bring out the best
in your dog

Does your Show Dog have the WINNING edge?



Plush Puppy is an all Australian made product company specialising in dog grooming products for the serious show exhibitor and groomer. We have been marketing and selling our grooming products worldwide for many years and have a vast Australian and international distribution network.

We understand the need for a great coat and that a well presented coat of true to standard texture and condition comes from a good routine and sympathetic, outcome based products.

We do not test on animals and wherever possible only use products that are organic or naturally sourced. Where the product does not lend itself to a natural source, we use as mild an alternative as possible.

Plush Puppy has a diverse range of grooming products that are specially formulated to give your dog the winning edge.

Please browse the shopping cart for comprehensive information of the most suitable products for your show dog or go to our Breed Grooming Articles for specific information.

This online shop is for New Zealand residents only. Click here for a list of distributors/agents in

New Zealand.

Some of our most popular products .......

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